Trying new things

I’ve been bouncing around the idea to start a blog for a while. I bake like a fiend, and I’m always more than happy to teach what I know. I love fashion and the confidence it brings to me. I’m creative and crafty and I like the challenge in doing what I can to make stuff on my own. I love to Travel and share my adventures. And I love good food, no matter if it’s fine dinning or a whole in the wall, and sharing those great meals. This all seemed like it would make for an interesting blog.

My interest in doing this really peaked when my boyfriend and I went to Palm Springs for his birthday last August. I found an amazing deal at The Parker Palm Spring, and figured it was worth the splurge. We had such an amazing time I had to tell everyone I knew about it. This is when I decided I HAD to start a blog. Of course, like a lot of things in my life, I got busy and I didn’t get around to it until now, 6 months later.

In the end, here I am taking the plunge and hoping that there are people out there that want to share my experience and learn from what I can teach.

Going for that vintage tourist look.

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