Stanley’s Wet Goods

I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of my brother in law John. He’s smart, hard working and gets on well with my crazy family. After years of working in aerospace, he decided to take a leap and do what he really loves. This is why he opened Stanley’s Wet Goods, in Culver City, CA.

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The Stanleys

I always knew he had great taste in in wine and spirits as well as a good design aesthetic but I was still blown away when I first saw the shop, and it didn’t even have any of the wines out yet. When you walk in, to the left you see geometric wood shelving lining the wall from floor to ceiling, filled with wine from and some pretty cool vintage George Briard ice buckets. To the right you see the bar area, beer cooler and spirits. The whole area is topped by a low ceiling made up of a striking wood chevron pattern that continues outside to the front of the store.

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Shelving and ice buckets
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Checking out the newly opened store

The amount of thought and care put in to the store is very apparent. The wines are categorized by country, and for larger wine production countries like France and Italy, separated out by region. The selections are well thought out and varied. On the far wall there’s also a cooler for champagne and some wines so they’re ready to drink.

Trying some of the goods at home. I’m particularly excited about the passion fruit Berliner weisse

By the bar area you have the beer and spirits. The beer selection isn’t huge, but there’s a good variety of types of beers and locations as well as a nice selection of ciders. The spirits aren’t your run of the mill bottles. You’ll see some familiar items, but also some new and interesting spirits to try. There’s also a nice selection of bitters, vermouth, and other mixers for cocktails. One of my favorite things about the spirits section is all of the bottles have black tags explaining what they are and a few of the bitters even include recipes on the tags. It’s this attention to detail that I really love.

Bitters and recipes

The bar it’s self serves up wines, beers and a handful of mixed drinks. It gives you a great chance to try out some of the products you see in the shop and enlist the help of the knowledgeable staff in choosing more items to take home and what you can do with them. The shop is also just a block away from downtown Culver, so you can stop in for a drink during your night out, or even grab a bottle to bring to dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.

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Bustling bar area

I truly wish him the best, and I hope that everyone will get a chance to see what a great place he started.


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