First Stop on The Plus Bus

IMG_20170630_145144I have to admit I’m no always in the loop on plus size goings on. I have a busy life, and at this point I think I do most of my shopping online, instead of in physical stores. So I have my husband to thank for for introducing me to the plus bus in Glassel Park (he’ll probably come to regret this eventually).

The Plus Bus started out as a pop up for plus size women to sell or trade their old clothing, and a chance to shop for new, gently worn clothes for a lot less than a new piece might cost. As most of us plus sized ladies know, our clothing options are limited, and often times more expensive than straight size,so having an option to revamp your wardrobe and not go broke at the same time is really exciting.

Back in my middle and high school days, I used to buy most of my clothes from thrift and vintage stores. I loved the hunt and finding a good deal, but as I gained weight, my selection dwindled and eventually I gave up on buying used clothing. Getting a chance to do this again made me so excited to finally check out the plus bus.

The shop is located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Glassel Park,right next to the uber hip Highland Park. The shop is hard to miss with its brightly painted exterior on the street corner. Inside, the shop isn’t huge, but packs a punch. Clothes are sorted out racks by size and color, with shoes and accessories in the back. In addition to used clothing, they have some vintage pieces, as well as some new accessiories made by local artists. We were greated by Alex (and her super cute dog) who was really nice and inviting, and even helped me with some of the more involved items I tried on.

As I perused through the racks I was able to find some of my favorite brands like Torrid and Modcloth, with other brands ranging from Forever 21 and Target, to higher end like Eloquii.

After looking around for a while I ended up trying on 5 dresses (including a new with tags black and gold Eloqii dress), a skirt and a steel boned corset. There was something so satisfying about easily finding so many items not only in my size, but in style I love. I popped in to the cabana in the corner and started trying on my pieces.IMG_0429

The corset ended up being way too big which made me sad, but it was worth a try.  I had a few misses with the dresses, and my husband said the black and gold dress made me look like I was going to a quinceñeta (I still like it). I still ended up falling in love with a red and white polka dot dress by Moon, and a navy dress with pennyfarthing print and a very cool back detail by xhileration (target). Both dresses were in perfect condition and my total was under $40 for both, score!IMG_0426

Another great thing about the Plus bus is all the events they have going on. In the past, they’ve had events on moddling tips, plus size men’s events, a very fun brunch, and recently a wedding pop up with dolly couture. They even contacted me about doing a pastry pop up after Alex, the girl we met working there on our visit, recommended me to the owners. Sure this makes me a little biased, but there’s a lot to love above it this place regardless.IMG_4801IMG_4799

So if you get a chance, check out the plus bus. They’re usually open Wednesday to Sunday 3-7, but check in for extended hours during sp dial events. Also fr the first time, they did a clothing sale on their Facebook, so keep an eye out for that if you can’t get out to LA anytime soon.


Disney Goes Retro

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to this post on the official Disney blog. I about lost my shit. Disney was opening a shop with attraction and character inspired retro style dresses! this was everything I could ask for. I had a moment of disappointment when I realzed the shop was only opening in Florida, but was relieved to see they would also be coming to vault 28 at the California resort!


Unfortunately, real life took over and I forgot to check back on when they would be released here in California. As luck would have it, I was in downtown Disney last Friday (the boyfriend needed to go to the Lego store) and remember about the dresses, so I ran by vault 28 to see if they had them, and to my surprise I was met with this.


They had the dresses! I had no idea But of all days to go down there, it was the day they were being released. Now the real question was if they still had any in stock, and if they carried them in plus size. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten used to, it’s the disappointment in awesome clothing like this not being available in plus.


The first dress I made a bee lined for, was the super cute Alice in wonderland teacup dress. It was set up with the adorable Snow White apple dress and the red and white polka dot Minnie Mouse dress forming a fanatasy land wall. I just need to note how great the corresponding accessories are. You can pick up some cute lace gloves for your Minnie Mouse outfit, or an apple purse for Snow White, and I’m still kicking myself for not buying the white rabbit purse.


On the other side of the store was a sort of New Orleans square section, with the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean dresses. Looking back, I wish I had paid a little more attention the the pirates dress. The more I see it, the more I’m falling for it. The bodice is covered in skull patterned lace, and the red sash adds great detail.


Once again the accessiories shine. They have a haunted mansion bat purse and you can even pick up a petticoat for any of the dresses.


In the middle of the store you’ll find the summery small world dresses. They have a great Mary Blair feel to them, without being overt. I will say this was the one dress sadly lacking in cute accessories. I think they could have done something really cool and mod but they kinda dropped the ball.


Next to that I caught a glimpse of the dress I was most excited about. The enchanted tiki room dress.


I wanted this dress as soon as I had seen it in the blog post I mentioned. I honestly love the tiki room more than I probably should. I have a thing for all things tiki and kitsch. Adventure Land is my favorite land. Add to that the fact that you can get one of the best treats in the park, it’s no wonder I love the tiki room.


The dress is fabulous. A green A-line dress covered in a print made up of birds, flowers and tikis from the attraction. some great details of this dress include pockets (yay) and the adjustable button straps. The straps are actually just like the ones on a vintage kamehameha dress I own. Great attention to detail. They were actually a bit loose on me so I opted to cross them across my back and it fit perfectly.


Next to the tiki room dress were 2 special dresses based off of Florida attractions that are only around for a limited amount of time at the California resort. The Hollywood tower dress is a fun halter dress fashioned after the uniforms castmembers wear at the attraction. You can accessorize with a bell hop hat and suitcase purse. The other dress is orange bird, which I had to google because I had no idea what it was. It’s a really cute dress but I felt kinda weird wearing something I knew nothing about.


I have to say I applause Disney for this line of dresses and accessories, it’s smart as hell. They saw the niche market and understood that there were a lot of people out there that would snatch up these great pieces. The quality is really good, and they put in some really great details only Disney could do.

What I really Want to give them credit for, is the fact that they didn’t ignore the plus size girl. They acknowledged that there are a lot of Us out there that like to dress up and we’re eager to buy a great piece if it comes in our size. As for the sizing I found their dresses actually run large which I think is good. I wear somewhere between a 2x or 3x and their 2x dresses fit great or even a little loose, so someone that wears a 4x I would still suggest trying, you might get lucky.


Now to add a little irony to all of this, I’m actually not renewing my annual pass for the first time in many years  I figured I might as well go out in style wearing my amazing new dress, some awesome accessories and my handmade tiki room ears. Now I just have to figure out everything I want to do on my last day. What would you do on your last day at Disneyland?


Palm Springs

I mentioned in my first post that this whole blog was inspired by my last trip to Palm Springs, and this is why.

It’s kinda embarrassing to admit it, but despite growing up in Southern California, I never made it out to Palm Springs, until the summer of 2015. As it turns out, I was missing out on a lot.

My first trip took me to the rainbow of fun that is The Saguaro Palm Springs for my friend’s bachelorette weekend. During this same trip I was introduced to the mid-century paradise, The Parker Palm Springs, and more specifically, their restaurant Mr. Parker’s for dinner. After this I swore I would return one day to stay there.

Flash forward to the summer of 2016, and coming up with a plan for my boyfriend’s 35th birthday. As I looked around I realized The Parker had some pretty good rates during the summer. I’m always a bargain hunter, so when I saw they had even more deals, I had to check it out. That’s how I stumbled upon the gluttons delight. Holy crap! We paid $270 a night and received $250 in food credit for each night we stayed. This was a hell of a deal.

This may be the best french toast I've ever had.

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The funny thing is, you would think $250 wouldn’t get you too far at such a nice resort, but after a room service dinner, which included a steak, and a big breakfast at Norma’s Diner, we still had $50 to spend before noon. The second day of credit we had dinner at Mr. Parker’s, another breakfast at Norma’s and again, we had $25 left over. This deal was worth every penny.

@jiggysmydayjob and the most beautiful fruit salad ever, from our Palm Springs trip.

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As far as the restaurants go, Mr. Parker’s had great food, and the most incredible interior and ambiance (think dark early 70’s men’s club),  but Norma’s was what we kept talking about weeks after. Their crunchy french toast was huge and tasted like a cinnamon roll,  their fruit salad was a piece of art, and the bagel and lox was to die for.

As far as the hotel it’s self, I’ve never stayed somewhere so nice. When I travel I usually look for the cheapest place that doesn’t look like it’ll give you bedbugs, so this was a whole new experience for me. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and apparently the nicer the hotel, the more amenities there are. Things like truffles for our birthday celebration, sparkling water in the room, fruit skewers and spiked smoothies poolside, and little bottles of ice cold water while you waited for the valet.

Already a great start to the weekend.

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But the real winner was the ambiance. Everything was so well decorated and put together, from the lobby, to carpet from the shinning in the hallways, to the rooms themselves. The whole grounds were beautiful and overgrown. You would walk around and all of a sudden run in to a croquet set, a fire pit, or a lemonade stand. I really can’t emphasize enough how cool this place is.

Everything there makes it hard for you to want to leave the resort, but we did make one excursion on the second night. One of our favorite tiki bars in LA, the Tonga Hut, has a second location in palm springs so we made sure we stopped by. The Palm Spring location is much bigger than the original, with a much larger drink menu, and a great atmosphere, although the original is still my favorite. I got a chance to wear one of my favorite Trashy Diva dresses and the flower headpiece I made, so I felt particularly snazzy. We had a good time sipping on tiki drinks and making friends with a bachelorette party.

It was such a great trip and I’m itching to go back soon. I probably won’t be back at The Parker anytime soon, but a girl can dream.

Trying new things

I’ve been bouncing around the idea to start a blog for a while. I bake like a fiend, and I’m always more than happy to teach what I know. I love fashion and the confidence it brings to me. I’m creative and crafty and I like the challenge in doing what I can to make stuff on my own. I love to Travel and share my adventures. And I love good food, no matter if it’s fine dinning or a whole in the wall, and sharing those great meals. This all seemed like it would make for an interesting blog.

My interest in doing this really peaked when my boyfriend and I went to Palm Springs for his birthday last August. I found an amazing deal at The Parker Palm Spring, and figured it was worth the splurge. We had such an amazing time I had to tell everyone I knew about it. This is when I decided I HAD to start a blog. Of course, like a lot of things in my life, I got busy and I didn’t get around to it until now, 6 months later.

In the end, here I am taking the plunge and hoping that there are people out there that want to share my experience and learn from what I can teach.

Going for that vintage tourist look.

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